Mass Audience Media

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Digital Out-of-Home

If you’ve ever wandered past a mall’s digital directory, driven past a huge digital billboard next to a highway, or waited next to a screen at a bus shelter – you’ve likely encountered digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads.


DOOH is any advertising on digital signage in areas accessible to the public. You may already know that more and more businesses are exploring DOOH in their advertising efforts, however, you might not know that DOOH operates on a programmatic basis. Programmatic means that every time ad space is available, an automated bidding process occurs between advertisers to show consumers their ad. Ads are shown based on user behaviour putting relevant messages in front of the right people at the right time.


There are 3 key advantages that DOOH holds over traditional OOH mediums: greater geographic reach, enhanced targeting capabilities, and lower cost. The flexibility of DOOH screens means that campaigns can easily be set up to display ads on screens in a number of different cities, provinces, or even countries with just a few clicks.

Connected TV

Today’s viewers watch whenever and wherever they want, via one of the half dozen streaming devices and services in a statistically typical home. Consumers now control the day, time and screen— thanks to streaming content and Connected TV (CTV).


CTV is any TV set that is connected to the Internet. This connection is made through built-in capabilities, like a Smart TV, or another device that enables a
standard TV to become a CTV. These devices include a media streaming device (like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Chromecast), a blu-ray player or a gaming console (like Xbox and PlayStation).


Our solution offers three distinct methods of audience targeting to enable advertisers to reach their ideal audience on CTV devices:
  • Addressable targeting uses location data to precisely
    and accurately target users by physical address.
  • Behavioural targeting gives advertisers the ability to target users based on keywords, page contexts and other browsing behaviours.
  • Demographic targeting allows advertisers to show online ads to consumers based on age and gender.

Audio Programmatic

Audio advertising offers a unique channel to reach engaged listeners and achieve a high share of voice. Using programmatic technology, we can place ads into audio content such as podcasts, digital radio, and music streaming services.


Connect with a growing, captive audience by providing an immersive experience and reaching them in screen-free moments. Platforms include but are not limited to Spotify, I Heart Radio, Bell Media, CBC, Fox, and more.

People are like goldfish. You only get 7 seconds of attention. Make them count.

  • Reach beyond personal devices
  • High visibility
  • Captive audience
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Geo targeting
  • Addressable targeting




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